See What Our Clients Are Saying

As an active member of several Chambers, including San Ramon and Danville, I have come to appreciate the opportunity we get to meet business colleagues who are eager to develop their business. Most of all, I have come to value the one-on-one meetings I have shared with many colleagues.

A standout among them is Leonardo Anton Alvarez, a young 28-year Google Certified Trusted Photographer, specializing in small and medium businesses interested in enhancing their web presence with a more intimate and more powerful photographic message.

Leo's Fishbowl Photography is generous with his time and the quality of his message. Using the latest technology, Leo is able to cut through the complexity of an Internet presence and maximize value for his clients.

Leo has already made a name for himself among Chamber Members who have asked him to come back and enlighten them further.

Small businesses will stand to gain using the services of this highly motivated, knowledgeable and effective Internet Marketing Expert.

Rene P.

Leo did a superb job of picking up every detail of the photo shoot and making it look just as good on paper as it does in person. Very professional and represented his business very well.

Daniel C.

Leo did a virtual tour of our office. He's very professional and does a great job highlighting the things you want your client to see. The images are seamless so our clients get the experience of what it feels like to walk through our office. He even managed to capture our Agency Owner's dog in the virtual tour when she requested it lol.

Kelly S.

I've had a handful of photo shoots done by Leo. He is a superior photographer, and makes my family and I look spectacularly in the prints we get. The things we appreciate most are his calming but humorous manner, impeccable work ethic, and willingness to accommodate even the most difficult members of my family.

No matter how many photographers offer to take our portraits or business photography "for free," we will always go to FishBowl for our photography and storytelling needs.

Jose G.

In today's world where anybody with a camera thinks they're a photographer, working with Leo at Fishbowl is such a blessing! Obviously has been taking pictures for a long time, and he can and WILL get down on the ground or climb a tree to get the best angle!

He's always professional, but still lighthearted and is really easy to communicate with - almost like a good friend is taking your photos. He's a really good listener too, which is so so SO important for a photographer, I hate when photographers pretend to listen to what you want and then puts their own "creative" spin on it, thus ruining your pictures. This will NOT happen at Fishbowl - your ideas are listened to, and if you don't have any ideas some will be suggested to you.

My final reason for posting is the quality of the equipment. This is not garage-sale equipment being used, he uses super fancy cameras with all these controls, and it makes the most beautiful pictures!

Megan A.

I own a candy store (Sweet Street in Danville) and I've been looking for ways to increase my business. One of the ways that I thought would help draw people in was by including a virtual tour of my store online. That's when I talked to Leonardo of Fishbowl Photography. He was very professional and immediately understood that I wanted the photographs to convey the fun, colorful atmosphere of the store. I looked at some of the other pictures and virtual tours that Leonardo had done and instantly knew he would be perfect for the job.

He and his assistant arrived on time and took about two hours to complete the photos. They were very professional and didn't interfere with the operation of the store at all. They had to work to minimize the view of my seasonal table (which is right at the entry), because it would make the store perpetually appear like it was Easter. They did an excellent job working around it, although including some of it was unavoidable.

A few days later, when I saw the finished product, I was thrilled! The pictures were beautiful and it was so cool to feel like I was walking through the store. Leonardo also is an approved photographer for Google, so his photos will also go on my Google+ page. I would highly recommend Fishbowl Photography for any business photos that you need done.

Denise R.

As Events Director for a large local Chamber of Commerce, I had the pleasure of working with Leo, Fishbowl Photography, on one of our most important recent events. Having to operate under pressure while given an extremely tight dead-line (photo-line setting) with a local celebrity, dignitaries & guests, he not only produced ideal photos but conducted himself with true professionalism all while maintaining a friendly & positive manner. Fantastic job Fishbowl photography!

Jodie b.

The Merced Rollin' Roulettes Derby Girls have been working with Leo for a few years now, and he has been wonderful to work with. He has been accommodating in scheduling shoots with us, working in conditions that are not always ideal, and has been there to capture some great moments for us. We highly recommend him!!!

Kelly M.

I can highly recommend Leonardo at FishBowl Photography. Hiring a skilled photographer like Leonardo to photo shoot a home after a house remodel takes years of experience, skill and trust. Entrusting your photographer with training in artistry and that keen eye is so detrimental to an Interior Designer for their final pictures that show our work. Leonardo is all of the above along with being highly respected in the business.

J. Hettinger Interiors